Why Us?

In this age of mushrooming vendors, commoditized offerings, impersonal support, and a mayhem of confusing promises and claims, we filter out the noise and stand by you with a simple message. We Listen We Care

Created and founded by physician for physicians with extensive experience in the healthcare, MedNet Medical's reputation is built on our ability to get into your shoes, understand your pain, provides customized solutions that fit your particular needs.

While there are many vendors offering many products and services, we pride ourselves as a "trusted one-stop shop" offering end-to-end solutions for small and medium size medical practices that are customizable to your needs. Here are a few reasons why you should choose us to be your partner

Key Reasons to Choose MedNet Medical Solutions

  1. MedNet Medical is founded by a physician for physicians. Dr Sharma had first-hand experience in building and running a successful medical practice for over three decades, and is passionate about clinical excellence through simplified technology adoption.
  2. Clinical Work-Flows Based on experience, it is very user-friendly and has a shorter learning curve. Most of the clinical visits are completed within three minutes.
  3. Population Health Management Custom-configurable Disease Management & Health Maintenance system is a robust rules engine based on CDC and Best Practices guidelines.
  4. An Extensive Reporting System to comply with the HMO/ACO requirement for disease management like diabetes mellitus, congestive heart failure, asthma and depression etc. The reports can be generated with a single click and exported to Excel.
  5. Telecommunications System for office-based practice which not only documents each telephone call but also tracks the response time. Information can be communicated to the patient by SMS and email as well. This saves physicians as well as his staff the enormous time and provides a better documentation as well.
  6. Multiple Lab Interface.The lab results/Radiology Reports have the capability of communicating with the patient directly at the time of review of results and thus saving physician’s time as well as expense.
  7. Certified, Award-Winning Solutions : ONC-ACB 2014 certification, Black Book's Top 20, Sure Scripts' Safe-Rx, Medical Economics, EHR Study Sponsor.
  8. Without Long Term Contract. We feel that physician should not be locked in with a Contract.
  9. Single-Point Contact For Accountability. Customizable to your needs - not ours - covering all aspects of clinical and financial processes - EMR, PMS, RCM, MU.
  10. Multiple Reporting Tools, business analytic tools that allow you to manage your business more efficiently.