Real World Testing Report for MedNet

Last Updated January 17, 2024

Executive Summary

This is the test report for CY 2023 real world testing for MedNet Medical Solutions, ONC Certified HIT(emr4MD Version 9.10). This is the companion document to our CY 2023 real world test plan that described our approach for conducting real world testing in CY 2023 and the testing measures we employed.

Our findings show that EHR is working as it was certified as no errors or non-compliances were observed. Results do indicate the functionality that is widely used, like patient portal, electronic prescription, and immunization history querying verse that which is not used, such as QRDA Cat I importing and electronic canceling of prescriptions.

For each our CY 2023 Real World Testing Measures, we have recorded our results and findings. If any non-conformities or errors were encountered, we noted them. Click here for CY-2023 RWT Test Results

Real World Testing Plan for MedNet

Last Updated October 06, 2023

Executive Summary

This is the real world test plan for CY 2024 for MedNet Medical Solutions certified emr4MD EHR solution. It provides the real world test measurements and metrics that meet the intent and objectives of ONC’s Condition of Certification and Maintenance of Certification requirement for real world testing (§ 170.405 Real world testing) to evaluate compliance with the certification criteria and interoperability of exchanging electronic health information (EHI) within the care and practice setting which it is targeted for use.

As ONC has stated in its rule, “The objective of real world testing is to verify the extent to which certified health IT deployed in operational production settings is demonstrating continued compliance to certification criteria and functioning with the intended use cases as part of the overall maintenance of a health IT’s certification.” We have worked toward this objective in designing our test plan and its subsequent real world testing measurements and metrics.

This document builds toward the final testing measurements and metrics we will use to evaluate our product interoperability within production settings. Within each use case, we document our testing methodology for the measure/metric we plan to employ. We also include the associated ONC criteria, our justification for measurement selection, our expected outcomes from the testing, the care settings applied for this measure, and if applicable the number of clients to use in our real world testing.

We have included our timeline and milestones for completing the real world testing in CY 2024, and information about compliance with the Standards Version Advancement Process updates.

A table of contents is provided later in the plan quick access to any document section, including the testing measurements and metrics found at the end of this document. Our signed attestation of compliance with the real world testing requirements is on the following Test Plan.

Developer Attestation

This Real World Testing plan is complete with all required elements, including measures that address all certification criteria and care settings. All information in this plan is up to date and fully addresses the health IT developer’s Real World Testing requirements.

Authorized Representative Name: Nagi Veam

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Authorized Representative Phone:(508)970-5678

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