pm4MD - Practice Management

pm4MD is our fully integrated comprehensive practice management solution that provides user friendly technology to manage appointments, and perform medical billing functions and administrative tasks. pm4MD gets you real-time access to claims, clearing house reports, claim-tracking and collection tools for effective, accurate and timely reimbursements. pm4MD and emr4MD share one common database, and together form the core foundation of our affordable EMR and medical billing solution for small and medium size medical practices.

Scheduling is customizable for single or multi-location appointments. The easy-to-use scheduling module ensures maximum practice production. Users can schedule, cancel, confirm, copy, and move appointments.

Reporting tools allow the provider to create a multitude of administrative and financial reports. The reporting tool allows the user to save custom parameters and schedule reports to run automatically.

Charge Capture and medical billing are automatically captured from emr4MD after the patient's encounter has been closed. The system can automatically generate the claim or batch the charges to be entered manually. All claims are automatically scrubbed for potential errors before being routed to a designated member for a final review and possible corrections or modifications for a clean claim submission.

Copay Collection and Account Balance prompts are automatically displayed at check-in. Users can easily generate a receipt and view the patient's account balance details. They can also generate quick and easy batch reports to reconcile and balance daily receipts.

Electronic Remittance Auto - posting (ERA) feature allows for automated payment posting eliminating time-consuming data entry for your staff.

Explanation of Benefits (EOB) Posting Batches are created when auto-posting files (ERA) are not available from a payer.

Using the affordable emr4MD and pm4MD platform, MedNet is able to offer complete medical billing service, including ICD-10 billing, and a comprehensive revenue cycle management (RCM) service for medical practices