Revenue Cycle Management

As your single source for software and professional services, MedNet will ensure that your office will receive the maximum reimbursements in a timely fashion. Our experienced team of billing and coding specialists and medical billing consultants will work with you and your staff to identify revenue opportunities and successfully bill all services provided.

The transition from ICD-9 to ICD-10 is more than just matching up the codes, and documentation is more than just pointing and clicking in your EHR. It is crucial to know how to properly document for ICD-10 and to ensure the providers are documenting to the highest level of specificity.

Our comprehensive rcm4MD services are a complete and affordable medical billing service, and more, include the following:

  • Electronic claim submissions
  • Electronic payments through ERA
  • Paper claim submissions
  • Secondary and tertiary claim submissions
  • Detailed review and posting of all payments
  • Rigorous follow up and appeals of all unpaid/underpaid claims
  • Workman's Comp and MVA Specialists
  • Complete A/R management and problem resolution
  • Generating monthly patient statements
  • Detailed financial reports for practice manager/owner
  • Helpdesk service via a toll free number to handle patient account inquiries