Patient Engagement

Patient Engagement is a web-based patient portal that promotes continuum of care by facilitating two-way electronic communication between the patient and the practice for routine appointments scheduling, refill requests, as well as clinical data exchange via a secure internet connection. Patients can perform several self-service functions, such as, request Rx refills, schedule non-urgent appointments, and request/view lab and other clinical reports via the patient portal instead of having to contact the doctor's office by phone.

Lab and Radiology Test Results are posted by the clinical staff to the secure website for patients to review.

Prescription Refill Requests can be easily generated online by the patient anytime and anywhere safely and securely. The patient is notified when the refill request has been sent to the pharmacy.

Appointment Reminders are sent automatically to the patient's online account. Patients can also schedule a non-urgent appointment or cancel or reschedule an appointment.

Patient Referral Request can be easily submitted online directly to the patient's physician's office via the Patient Engagement portal.