Video visits

MedNet Medical Solutions is a healthcare development company since 2006. MedNet built a high secure & robust video visits feature, which can be plug-in with any EMR (Electronic Medical Records) or EHR (Electronic Health Record) system seamlessly.

MedNet video visits are HD quality, flexible and easy-to-use for web-based applications. No prior downloads are required to use, it’s 1-click, access anytime anywhere HD quality video calls between providers healthcare system and patient. The core architecture guarantees the HIPPA complains, as it is developed to bring the video visits between doctors & patients. Notifying /reminding about patient video visits by all means is very easy including email and SMS.

MedNet video visit meeting takes care of everything for you so you don't have to focus on the technical stuff anymore.

Key Features :

✔ Secure,robust,easy to use and flexible.

✔ Everything work inside a browser, in real-time, without any download.

✔ Easy to find meeting controls like mute,video and screen share.

✔ With a single click, connect with patient on video call.

✔ Schedule video visit quickly and share via email or phone SMS.