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emr4MD/eRx4MD is produced by MedNet which is certified as a SureScripts Solution Provider. eRx4MD is SureScripts certified for all three types of services related to prescription management: Prescription Benefit, Medication History, and Prescription Routing. In 2008, two of our clients received national recognition as SafeRx Award recipients, ranking #1 & #2, for their effective use of electronic prescription writing using eRx4MD software. eRx4MD is diagnosis driven and electronically connected to over 55,000 retail pharmacies as well as mail-order pharmacies. Electronically submit e-fax or print a prescription safely and securely.

Certificate 1

  • Messages: New Rx, Rx Renewal, STATUS, ERROR
  • SureScripts XML Implementation Guide V4.20
  • Connectivity direct to SureScripts via HTTPS
  • Directories 4.0.

Certificate 2

  • Message: New Rx to Mail Order
  • SureScripts XML Implementation Guide v4.21

Certificate 3

  • X12N 0040401X92A1 Eligibility transactions (270/271)
  • NCPDP SCRIPT version 10.6 PRN Medication History (RXHREQ/RXHRES)
  • NCPDP Formulary and Benefit Load version 3.0
  • SureScripts e-Prescribing Activity Report version 1.0
  • SureScripts Application Certification Requirements version 1.2